She approaches the hole where the lights project through, it is on the island, the island is covered by a thick layer of wilderness that she calls ‘shield’. She grew the 'shield' since the first day and this has been her home ever since.

As time passes, she feels everything has changed, the hole starts to expand and the lights get brighter. Her pupils burn gold as the shield ascends and disappears. Taking the force of the blow, she starts drifting slowly towards the sky. The world outside of her own is sterile. She can see how her island is faraway and eventually will become stardust.

She is floating like a seed while the island fades away from her horizon. An inconspicuous seed, with the bravery that the island has given her, shines in the darkness. She is going to take a long journey, before she returns to where she came from, to become an island herself, just like the ones who came before her.


Yimiao Liu 刘一妙 (b. 1993, Hunan, China) lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Yimiao’s work explores the relationship between women and the world by reflecting on the pervasive culture of female oppression and the ways women are rising above. She draws inspirations from imagination, dreams, emotions of the past, sex, movies and mythology. She loves mushrooms and shells.









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